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A Web site consists of many different Web pages. Every Web site has a home page and various other pages. Some examples of common pages are:

About Us
Contact Us
Privacy Policy
Terms of Use or Disclaimer

Our per page rate is the same regardless of the length of the page, however, pages cannot be combined. For example, you cannot combine the about us page and contact us page into one Web page. If you do so, it will still be charged as two separate pages.

Our basic web site is very reasonably priced at $400 and includes a maximum of six (6) pages. Additional pages may be added for only $50 per page.

Everything Below Is Included In Your Web Site Price

Customized design and layout of your Web site. You will have two proof readings before the finished web project is published, you agree that any changes requested after the two proof readings are at an additional charge. We can guarantee you will be thrilled with the final product. Final approval is required before we begin to add the content provided by you to the pages.
HTML and CSS programming of your web site. You provide content to us in electronic format
Simple Javascript programming Such as navigation buttons that change when the mouse moves over them or simple form calculations
Customized web graphics made just for your site. Not template graphics that have been used over and over but graphics made especially for you and your web site
Additional Graphics Company logo and pictures provided by the client may be included
Cross-browser and cross monitor compatibility Your web site will display and function properly in all major browsers and monitor resolutions.
Forms For example: Order Form or Information Request Form
Upload the completed web site to the your web host.  

Optional Costs

Converting printed copy to electronic format If your content is not in an electronic format, we charge a flat hourly rate of $30 to convert it.
PHP/MySQL/CSS programming If your site requires a database or needs to interact in some way with your visitors it will require specialized programming. We charge a flat hourly rate of $50 for this service.
Flash Movies We will give you a firm quote before the project begins.
Logos We provide custom-designed logos that are suitable for both the web and for print. Logo prices range from $125 to $500, depending on the complexity required.
Web Banners Some companies like to use web banners for advertising. Our banners are very competitively priced at $75 each.
Meta Tags We can select appropriate keywords and create strategic Meta Tags to increase your search engine positions for a flat fee of $50.
Shopping Cart We charge a flat hourly rate of $50 for shopping cart implementation. We will give you a firm quote before beginning the project.
Web Site Maintenance Need to update the content on your site? Want your latest photo added? We can do it for you. We do require that you send a deposit or send us a check to cover any draw. You are billed in real time, so if it only takes us 15 minutes to make your changes, you are only charged for 15 minutes of time at our low $30 hourly rate. Maintenance services apply to changes to your existing design. Maintenance does not apply to redesigning an entire page or site. Contact us to inquire about maintenance.




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